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Polygons – An Ingenious Spoon Inspired by Origami

18 Oct

Sand Writer Skryf – The Machine that Writes Ephemeral Messages with Sand

15 Oct

Kagami – Real-Time Face Generator / 5000 Rods to Recreate your Face in 3D

9 Oct

Coral Colors – This Time-lapse Reveals Mesmerizing Beauty of Corals

3 Oct

Hypnotic – Spike Jonze Reveals an Explosive video for Kenzo World

6 Sep

Nobody Speak – Political Degenerates with DJ Shadow and Run The Jewels

3 Sep

DuoSkin – Functional Stylish On-Skin user Interfaces

28 Août

Paradise Lost – A Nice Pixel Art Clip

1 Août

Spatial Bodies – If the City of Osaka Was Growing Like a Living Organism

29 Juil

Floater – Surfing Without Board

26 Juil