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Color of Reality – Dancers give life to the Painting of Alexa Meade

9 Sep

Hypnotic – Spike Jonze Reveals an Explosive video for Kenzo World

6 Sep

Loop Coat Hanger inspired by Waltz Classical Dance

1 Sep

loopcoat-1-900x660 loopcoat-2-900x579 loopcoat-3-900x1349 loopcoat-4-900x698

OSSA – The Fascinating Dance in a Deconstructed Puppet

20 Juil

Disco Never Died

15 Juil

Madness – Strange Creatures Dancing with Motion Capture

19 Juin

Animals CourtShips Performed By Humans – Act Of Love

18 Mai

Swimming in Pixels

1 Mai

Fire Dancers

26 Fév

Ballet vs. Beatbox : When Classic Meets Hip-Hop

24 Fév