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Collective Artistic Work – Interactive Dartboard Installation by Jacob Dahlgren

28 Sep

dartboard-1-900x676 dartboard-2-900x571 dartboard-3-900x598 dartboard-4-900x602 dartboard-7-900x600 dartboard-6-900x600 dartboard-5-900x603 dartboard-8-900x586 dartboard-9-900x604 dartboard-10-900x684


Interactive Billboards

19 Juil

Google Present – An Interactive Display with 5880 Arcade Buttons

13 Juil

Interactive Holographic Installation Based on the Body’s Movements

5 Juin

Vento – Interactive Animated Book

4 Fév

Mapping Wooden Sculpture

11 Jan

Interactive Electric Cloud Installation Made of 6000 Light Bulbs

3 Déc

Emilio Pucci Interactive Scarves

4 Oct

Media Is Becoming So Interactive

21 Sep

Graphical Luminous Interactive Installation

17 Août